Sunday, 31 January 2010


Hello to all!

WOW! What a day yesterday was. Yesterday was my big adventure to Stitch and Creative Craft show in Manchester. Dragged Adam with me again, making sure that we got there early enough that we would miss the major traffic of people.

Boy I'm glad we did. Got there for about 9.45am. Went and bought the tickets and then waiting (patiently I may add) for the doors to open to let us in. We are one of the first to make it through (after some rather strategic queue jumping) and we started to wander around. We only really bought anything off 3 stalls there. The first was the Every Craft is a Pound stall. It really did say what it does on the tin. Every item on the stand was £1 or buy 12 items for £10. Came away with some beautiful Laura Ashley papers, Lwellyen-Bowen papers, brads, scissors, a metal ruler and other bits and pieces.

We then went over to a lovely stand that produces their own cheeses. They come from Lincolnshire (which is where I am from originally) and make so many different flavours of cheese. After Adam and me sampled nearly every cheese there, we bought 5. (it was 5 for £10) so we had a Wensleydale cheese, Marmite, Smokey Marmite, Applewood Smoked and a Horseradish cheese. All of them have really good dates on them, so we are keeping them for a very important Cheese Board.

The last stall I spent on was, well not really a stall, it was attached to the Book Clearance stall, it was 2 big displays crammed with cross stitch Aida. Let me tell you, it's hard to find a good bargain on Aida! I ended up buying 5 big pieces (about 1m lengthx 30cm width) for £25! And then 10 oddment pieces for £5! Even the oddments were quite big! Some is being sent home to the Mother :)

So we had a really good day. Today has been a bit of a let down. Went up to Otley Courthouse today to view their craft fair in the hopes to get an idea of what it is like, for when I do mine at the end of February. We drove there, walked up, and it was cancelled!!! Double booking due to a dance class! So a little miffed, but I got talking to the chap there about the fairs, how many people come through the doors, how many stallholders, etc. I have high hopes that my first fair may be a bit of a success.....touch wood.

Thats really it for my weekend. Need to get on and get some coasters ordered and also some keyrings for my stall.. also I need to look at hitting packing block :/

Anyhoo, until next time


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